Transforming West Cumbria, mid-term report 2023

PAGE 32 | TRANSFORMING WEST CUMBRIA TRANSFORMING WEST CUMBRIA | PAGE 33 David Henderson is Nuclear Business Manager with Shepley Engineers Ltd which provided match funding for #CanDo. David said: “We have always been involved in supporting local community groups and charities who do great work in the area. “We established an endowment fund with Cumbria Community Foundation. They have a professional team and have a well governed approach to providing support to disadvantaged people making it easier for us to support initiatives that can deliver a real positive impact to people’s lives. The beauty of the endowment fund is that it is professionally managed, and constantly builds, providing a growing grant and donations “pot” to support community projects in perpetuity.” Steel and industrial supplies business Thomas Graham & Sons, based at Kingmoor Park in Carlisle, has donated £10,000 to #CanDo. Roger Smith, Managing Director, said: “Our company is rooted in Cumbria and giving something back to our communities is important to us. “We attended a presentation about #CanDo and knew this was something we really wanted to support. It’s all about transforming areas like West Cumbria where we know there are people on high salaries, but where there are others on low wages as well. We don’t want any young person to miss out on something that is important to them because of a financial burden.” Sharing skills, time, resources and expertise Cumbria Exchange provides an online platform which connects community groups who need support with nuclear supply chain companies who can provide skillsbased volunteer support. Working alongside Bedrock Basics, groups are helped to specify what support they require and then requests are matched through the platform. Luke Richardson, Head of Social Impact for Sellafield’s Programme and Project Partners, said: “Companies that want to make volunteering commitments can bank their time in advance through the Timebank Scheme. This means that we know what type and level of commitment is available when non-profit community organisations ask for help through Cumbria Exchange.” A bid writing expert from Cavendish Nuclear was able to help Hospice at Home West Cumbria to secure a grant for £85,000. And Citizens Advice Bureau Copeland was able to secure National Lottery funding of more than £160,000 after receiving similar help. Skills based volunteering How to get involved Match funding for #CanDo Mentors in Positive Enterprise There are many ways businesses and individuals can help. Here are some examples: Nicola Myers owns The Fruit and Veg Box Company in Silloth and is mentoring 18-year-old Luke Eilbeck who attends Nelson Thomlinson school in Wigton. She said: “Luke is setting up an online football memorabilia business and we have spoken about how to build his idea.” Laurie Crayston, 32, is an entrepreneur from West Cumbria running three businesses including outdoor clothing brand Ascendancy Apparel. He is a Positive Enterprise mentor. He said: “Positive Enterprise is a fantastic programme. It’s something I could have done with when I was growing up. I knew I wanted to build something myself, but the advice at school was directed at a career in the standard sense. “This programme is here to say we can take your ideas and help you build them. “The ideas the young people have are fantastic. These are people from where I grew up and it’s exciting to see the talent. West Cumbria in many ways is a disadvantaged area, but there’s so much talent and potential here.” Trustees and social enterprise directors play a vital role in the day-to-day running of charitable organisations and many are currently seeking support. Volunteering to become a trustee or director of a social enterprise can be a truly rewarding experience and is a fantastic way to give back to a cause you care about. Trustees can also be called board members, governors or committee members. Martin Walkingshaw is Chief Operating Officer at Nuclear Waste Services. He also serves as a voluntary trustee with Carer Support West Cumbria, previously known as West Cumbria Carers. He decided to volunteer after learning of their excellent reputation and vital work. He said: “Most of us will become carers during our lives. Whenever this happens, organisations like West Cumbria Carers fill a vital need and our team support people just like you and me, who are doing an amazing job of caring for others, sometimes under very difficult circumstances. “Many people in our business volunteer their skills to charities. It does mean committing time and energy, but in my experience, if you can engage with an organisation whose mission ‘speaks’ to you it will be hugely satisfying. Charities need the same expertise as most businesses, and they can teach us a lot too.” Volunteer as a trustee, director or committee member